Mental Health Day

On 10th October it was National Mental Health Day,which aims to raise awareness on Mental Health issues around the world.
The day was observed with this year’s theme #Mental_Health_in_the_work_place.Along with the Mental Health Day ,Alzheimer’s day was also been observed.
B.Sc III year students organized a wonderful educational sessions through #Short_Movie and #Mime.

People spend a large part of their lifetime committed to a profession that establishes their identity. It brings them satisfaction because of their contribution to an organisation or a state’s economy, for earning a livelihood and creates a sense of autonomy, enhancing self-confidence.

But at the same time there can be stress related to work many a time. If the workload goes up, the work demands stretching beyond one’s capabilities, the work environment itself is stress-causing, the commute to work is long and tiresome, and unsupportive colleagues could all lead to a breakdown.

Work-related #stress can manifest as #headache, #bodyache and #uneasiness in the gut. Impaired mental health is also linked to #cardiovascular diseases and #diabetes.


1. Do what You #Like, Like what You #Do

2. Form #Good Relationships

3. Be #Confident

4. Take #Breaks

5. Be Alert to #Warning Signs

Its the time to talk about your own #Mental_Health.

#letstalk about Mental Health,its normal and natural too.