Bethany College of Nursing is a Bethany Brand Institution

Established by the Bethany Navajeevan Province of Bethany Ashram and managed by Bethany Fathers

Bethany Ashram, the umbrella organization which shelters BCN, is an International Catholic Religious Congregation (an indigenous Sanyasa Ashram) founded by Servant of God Mar lvanios in 1919 aimed at integral renewal of society at large. Throughout its 100 years of history, Bethany Ashram has been making its own brands in the fields of education, health care and human resource development. It has been actively contributing to the country by churning out, year after year, student who are intellectually, physically, mentally and spiritually equipped to play an active role in nation-building.

We Draw Our Inspiration

Servant of God

Archbishop Mar Ivanios OIC

Bethany College of Nursing draws its inspiration from the Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios OIC, and the founder of Bethany Congregations, who has shown us an effective way of building up our society as a better place to live in. He believed like many of his contemporaries that the upliftment of the society can be brought by the presence of a group of educated people only.

He was one of those people who believed that education was indeed a liberating factor that could not only free the Indian Society from evils like untouchability and anti-feminism, but also make the world a better place to live in so that the light of God could shine deeper into the lives of his people.

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